for this Master project I made the choice of working closely under the EMRG project ‘Story Table’ to bring out a project around some issues in the health sector, focusing on the children’s hospital. They are looking for a creative solution to improve the healing process of the children via design and art.

At first I was working in a team with two other students, both from the illustration department, but we decided to go or separate ways. The following images are from our first presentation which explains our goals and some inspiration images, as well as an introduction to our work ethics.


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For my master project, I decided to design a game interface for a building game, based on geometric shapes.
Through my initial research I discovered many things about the healthcare system. I decided to focus on two main subjects for my project:
1. Create an extra layer to the healthcare system by providing something to the children that has nothing to do with the hospital itself, but rather focuses on the children’s state and wellbeing. During my research, I discovered that many children often do not want to associate themselves with the negativity of the hospital. They would just rather go on with their lives as a normal child would do.
2. The reason behind geometric shapes is because of its correlation with nature. You can find geometry and symmetry pretty much anywhere in nature. We can say that geometry is the abstract representation of nature, and it relieves stress and promotes dopamine while looking at it. For that, these perfectly formed shapes are a great way to build a game around.
Although I only succeeded to showcase the game on a computer screen, the game remains flexible and can be used through many interfaces like an interactive wall, an iPad and so on.



With the game interface also comes a set of cards with many exercises to have fun with! The exercises/ Quests are based on creating a certain identity for the children, so for example they can make a self-portrait of themselves, they can draw their favourite animal and so on. You can see the first exercises as a Facebook profile, it can be a way to communicate with other children. But besides that, there are other exercises to do. There’s also a secret code based on geometry for children to communicate with.There are no rules and no scores in the game. I chose to give children the freedom to do whatever they want with it so they won’t feel obligated to finish anything. It is, at the end of the day, a drawing platform and the main goal for it is to entertain children and let them focus on something else than their stay at the hospital.