DIY book

I started thinking about a possible DIY book for the children, here some pages:


Screenshot (155)Screenshot (156)Screenshot (158)Screenshot (159)Screenshot (160)Screenshot (171)Screenshot (174)Screenshot (175)Screenshot (176)Screenshot (177)


From start to finish

With the previous teamwork at the beginning of the year, We were thinking around the concept of a mascot and a DIY book for the children. This was because of the collaboration with the hospital, ZNA Middelhein in Antwerp. So this was going to become a side project inside our whole master project and it was, supposedly, going to help us get to know the hospital environment better, and we could learn how to work with a client as well.

The collaboration was not working well, so sadly it had to end. (temporarly)

This are some of the few thing I made.




What follows is the plenum presentation to explain our concepts and where we came from.